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Concrete Repair Testimonials

Following are testimonials from some of our satisfied customers, and a list of many of our past customers:

From, Condor World Aviation Services:

Just wanted to write you a note and thank you and your crew of workmen for the beautiful floor we now have in our building. We knew our floor would be a challenge, with 13 years of accumulated grease and oil from its machine shop past. Now that the floor is completed it is just wonderfull. It adds so much to the building and adds a lot of light so that we can see very well in the daylight with just the skylights. We cannot wait until the side panels are put up to be one step closer to completion.

Thanks for your dedication and concern about our warehouse. You and your crewmen are top notch and i would not hesistate to show of my floor to anyone in the aviation industry. You should have really taken pictures... before and after!! Please use us as a reference if you need to. We will be sure to invite you out to see our completed building.Thanks again, and it was a pleasure doing business with you and meeting you.


Peter W. Lakich,
Condor World Aviation Services, Inc.

From. McCloud Construction, Inc:

McCloud Construction Inc. would like to thank your firm for assisting us in completeing the above referenced project. The combination of hard work, timely manpower and much appreciated cooperation allowed McCloud Construction to turn the facility over to the new owners as requested. The workmanship is a credit to all involved and reflects well on us as a team. McCloud Construction Inc. hopes we can again work together in the future.

Mcloud Construction Inc.

Karinne Arbes
Assistant Project Manager

Companies we have serves in the past:

  • Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
  • Harley Davidson Engine & Transmission Plant
  • Abbott Labs
  • Aldrich Chemical
  • Air Cargo Carriers
  • Columbia Hospital


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